Phuket Local Developer “Maetapong (Oun) Upatising”

Phuket Local Developer “Maetapong (Oun) Upatising”

talk-01As you probably know, Phuket’s real estate climate has become highly competitive with such a wide variety of properties on the market that buyers can pick and choose the development, and the developer, that suits them best.

talk-02Buyers in the housing and accommodation market are divided between those simply looking for an investment, which they will rent out or sell on, and those looking to invest in their own home.

Whichever kind of investor you are, the decision to buy often comes down to the developer’s reputation.

With Phuket continuing to grow as a tourist destination, buyers are faced with a multitude of developers to choose from. The island’s tourism industry has been the bedrock on which many high-end international developers have flourished, along side big national players out of Bangkok.

Some feel safe investing only with the big international brands or at least successful developers from Bangkok with extensive portfolios. On the other hand, local developers can often turn out to be the most reliable when it comes down to personal service and intuitive knowledge about the local surroundings.

Phuket Villa Group is one such Phuket-based developer that has built a reputation of trust among locals with an extensive track record of building residential projects across Phuket.

And after more than 25 successful years building quality homes for Phuketians, and with a good eye for the strengths and weaknesses of locations around the island, Phuket Villa Group has successfully matured into a big
player in its own right.

Here, Phuket Villa Group’s Managing Director, Maetapong (Oun) Upatising, reveals some of the secrets of the local developer’s success.

Laying solid foundations
Phuket Villa was established over 25 years ago by my father, Paiboon Upatising. We started out building small project of shophouses but after lengthy talks with an old school friend, and real estate industry expert, the idea
came about to develop houses.

My father took a gamble and invested in his first housing development. Phuket Villa 1 was a sell-out success, and was the fi rst housing development in Phuket to offer residents the use of an community club house. The popularity of the concept allowed us to build on the success and grow with more similar developments.

Building a better quality of life
Our priority has always been to give homeowners a better quality of life by choosing a good location with adequate utilities. As well as a house, Phuket Villa buyers get a better quality of life with things like the community club house with a swimming pool as well as desirable neighbors in a convenient location. Our condominium developments have also been built on similar concepts.

Always something different
Each of Phuket Villa Group’s 18 residential developments has its own uniqueness. Each of the projects have been carefully designed by professional architects to best respond to the demands of the residents and a particular
lifestyle according to the location.

Quality materials are carefully selected to match the price range of the homes, which are built to form a friendly neighbourhood with communal facilities.

The developments are designed around the lay of the land, which determines the design and the kind of materials we use. Our after sales service is also part of our core values to being customer satisfaction.

Community support
talk-03With the launch of every new development there is always a long line of interested buyers. We are very grateful for such wonderful support and the trust they have for us. We never have to make any special promotions. However, we do make a promise to our customers:

“Quality”. It is not just about house but the quality of living in that house. Through word of mouth, Phuket Villa Group has become known for transparency and providing quality in-house utilities and community facilities.

“We provide the best possible care”. Our after-sales service is one of our strengths. As we manage several developments we have to have efficient after-sales service. Being based in Phuket we can quickly respond to customers’ needs. Even if a property has been transferred, we are happy to help solve the problem as quickly as possible. As our slogan says, “Phuket Villa for better quality of life”.


“Houses as designed”. We have a rule that every single project that we develop has to first pass environmental impact assessments and acquire planning permission and construction permits from the authorities before the properties are put on the market, so buyers can rest assured that their home will be fully compliant when completed.

“Keeping our promises”. When people ask me why our sales are so good I tell them it’s because we always strive to offer the best to our customers and keep the promises we make about the utilities, facilities.

“Location”. Although Phuket Villa is a local developer and considered small compared to international developers and those from Bangkok, we have local knowledge and experience that they simply can not provide in the same way, bringing our customers the best possible value.


Phuket Villa Group has developed 18 projects over the past 20 years. They are:

– Phuket Villa 1
– Phuket Villa 2
– Phuket Villa 3
– Phuket Villa 5
– Phuket Villa California
– Phuket Villa Daorung
– Phuket Villa Suanluang
– Phuket Villa Chaofa
– Phuket Villa Chaofa 2
– Phuket Villa Chaofa 3
– Phuket Villa Kathu
– Phuket Villa Kathu 2
– Phuket Villa Kathu 3
– Phuket Villa Kathu 4
– Phuket Villa Thalang
– Phuket Villa Thalang 2
– Phuket Airport
– Condominium Patong Beach

Future Plans
talk-06We will continue to develop in Phuket and we are trying to offer more variety of choices to serve the demands of the market. New developments in the pipeline for thenext few years are Phuket Villa Thalang 2 and Phuket Villa Airport.

We will also continue to provide the ultimate in customer satisfaction as we move ahead focusing on quality rather than quantity. Phuket Villa Group has grown a lot over the past two to three years, which we believe is a result of positive feedback and an efficient team.
















Phuket Villa Head Office
68/191 Moo 2, Chaofa-Daorung Road,
Tambon Vichit, Amphur Muang, Phuket 83000
Tel: +66 (0) 76 353 501-503
Fax: +66 (0) 76 510 212


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