Phuket: Indigo Pearl Recycling Campaign

Indigo Pearl is responsible for the environment to some degree. Many countries need to take steps to reduce waste problem in the world.  If we really want to make at our own level some serious contribution towards the reduction of the waste, we definitely need to improve our daily habits and show “good practices” to our team and local community alike.

Indigo Pearl’s 4Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle, be responsible – have been set into action! The goal with the 4Rs is to introduce to the Resort staff a new way to re-use the trash which will show not only that it helps maintaining the level of waste to the minimum level but also that it is a financial saving or gain by introducing these environment protection measures. It is also very important to participate as much as we can into an awareness campaign showing our Team Members and the Local Community the enormous threat a non responsible environmental policy and no action would cost on longer term to their local businesses and daily lives.

We have therefore put in place the following motion into action, some points have now been introduced, some are on progress, here are listed below the various points:

1) Already introduced:

  • Recycle plastic cans, paper, ink, plastic bottles, food waste and cooking oil and other wastes using outside specialized Companies.
  • Build up organic garden natural fertilizers and produce our own natural fertilizers.
  • Recycling dirty water into clean water before we release it to the adjacent river through oxidation pond with the usage of enzymes water system tanks. The water quality is tested twice monthly before released to the River by an independent Government Certified Company.
  • Organic soaps and products are used in our Spa and guest rooms
  • Chemicals used for laundry and all our Hotel cleaning products are environmental friendly as certified by European Community

2) The up coming projects are

  • Recycle vegetable and fruit waste to organic fertilizer (done by IP on site).
  • Recycling all food waste by sending to nearby pig farms.
  • Recycling all waste engine petrol produced by the hotel to recycled company which will in turn recycled such.
  • Incentivize all hotel staff to bring to the hotel their plastic, cans and glass waste and we pay them  accordingly.
  • Introduction of special recycling bins for the surrounding village to entice them to recycle as well.
  • Come up with education course to the local schools outlining the importance of recycling and environment protection.

These pilot programs are on going and getting good result and feedback from the resort staff and local community nearby. Different colors waste bins have been placed at the back of resort, rewards has seen positive. The reusable material being placed into the right bins.

In the near future, resort guests can participate in the recycling programs by reading resort instructions in their rooms and we can show them some of our projects in the resort like for example the “organic garden” which is now on site.

Finally, Indigo Pearl has shown to the staff but also to potential MICE clients that we can use some of this plastic, cans and bottles waste and make it a fun team building exercise or used as back drops for functions having a similar theme in mind.


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