Phuket first to broadcast Russian CTC-International

Phuket first to broadcast Russian CTC-International

CTC Media, Inc Russia’s leading independent media company has announced the signing of an agreement with Thai Media Export Co., LTD to start broadcasting CTC-International in Thailand. Phuket is the first region that will be able to receive the channel as it contains a sizeable Russian population and has a highly developed tourism industry.

Under the terms of the agreement, CTC-International will be included as part of the four major cable networks in Phuket, which cover around 90% of the households and hotels in the region. The channel is already available on one network and will be launched on the remaining three this year. The potential audience size of the region amounts to more than 550,000 Russian-speaking viewers annually, most of whom are tourists.

Nikita Shcherbina, Director of Thai Media Export Co., LTD: “The launch of CTC-I on Phuket Island has coincided with a sharp increase in Russian tourists to this resort. The first Russian radio station, reporters, newspapers and TV channels have only appeared on the island in the past year. The launch of one of the most popular Russian TV channels in Thailand will set a new benchmark for the development of local Russian television and drastically diversify existing content. With the help of CTC Media, we hope to make the holidays of our compatriots even more relaxing and entertaining.”


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