Phuket developing OTOP business network

Phuket developing OTOP business network

Phuket developing OTOP business networkOn 23rd May 2013 at Phuket Provincial Hall, Chief of Phuket Community Development Office – Chaiya Khamsaard presided over a committee meeting held to discuss the development of a network for OTOP businesses in Phuket.

Khun Chaiya said “Thailand’s Ministry of Interior has announced the selection of Phuket’s new OTOP products for 2013, and out of 65 products 60 have been passed and these will now be promoted along with Phuket’s existing products. Out of the products, which are mainly costumes and food, 14 of the products have been given a  5 star rating, 20 products 4 star, 19 products 3 star, 5 products 2 star and 2 products 1 star.”

He added “This meeting is being held today to market the distribution of the goods that are produced, and to ensure they are certified according to their different destinations, which in turn will help all groups. If we are able to distribute the products more, this in turn will mean an increase in the production of the items. OTOP, which has now become very famous, has invited representatives from the Post Office, Gasoline Stations and other places who can sell the products to help distribute Phuket’s OTOP products to ensure they can be sold throughout the country, helping to boost Phuket’s economy.”


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