‘PD House’: The Andaman Food Group’s new property business in Phuket

After The Andaman Food Group had success in its restaurant business in Phuket, Tanaset Kulweeraari, The Andaman Group Executive and the Managing Director of Phuket Home Builder Co. Ltd, presented its’ company’s housing construction business under the brand of PD House to Phuket residents.

Tanaset said that PD House was a complete solution for people who want to build a house on the beautiful island of Phuket. More than 200 styles of environment friendly houses were presented to customers with quality materials and to be constructed by professional teams.

In the first year, Tanaset set a target to sell 8 – 10 houses, worth about 40 million baht. He said that Phuket is a world class tourism destination and this had always given the island high potential in the property business, even if it’s sometimes affected by economic or political crises.

Question for readers: Do you think the real estate market in Phuket is being affected by current crisis in Bangkok?


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