“Mekhong Elite Table”, invigorating “The Art of Thai Spirits Pairing”

“Mekhong Elite Table”, invigorating “The Art of Thai Spirits Pairing”

Mekhong Elite Table PhuketOn Tuesday 28th July 2015, “Mekhong”, the Spirit of Thailand, was celebrating the 74th anniversary of its founding in Thailand’s alcohol drinks industry with the Mekhong ELITE TABLE, a one-of-a-kind dining experience under the theme, The Art of Thai Spirits Pairing, which is the new paradigm of pairing Thai food with Thai spirits, to uplift the normal dining routine to the exclusively ‘fine dining’ level. In collaboration with a popular Thai restaurant, Blue Elephant Phuket, Mekhong’s chefs and mixologists worked closely to make sure that this particular dining will offer nothing less than a profoundly extravagant and sophisticated flavor experience that reflects “The Art of Thai Spirits Pairing,” which requires creativity and insights into subtle tastes that can perfectly fuse and match to create refined yet balanced flavors.

Mekhong Elite Table Phuket
Mr. Anuchit Jureegasa, Mekhong’s Brand Ambassador

Mr. Anuchit Jureegasa, Mekhong’s Brand Ambassador and Thai spirits pairing expert, said, “Thai food is the result of a unique culture and knowledge that have been handed down for generations. The ingredients that are integral to Thai cuisine are at the heart of both food and drink creation. Since most Thai dishes are based on blends of spices and herbs, it can be said that the perfect match for Thai food are Thai spirits, like Mekhong, with its intense flavor with aromatic and mysterious notes that is based on molasses and broken-milled sticky rice balanced by Thai spices. This harmonious pairing of Thai cuisine and spirits will certainly take the Thai dining experience to a whole new level.”

Mekhong Elite Table Phuket
Master Chef Nooror Somany-Steppé Owner & Master Chef at Blue Elephant International Plc.
Mekhong Elite Table Phuket
Kim Steppe General Mamager at Blue Elephant

Master Chef Nooror Somany-Steppé Owner & Master Chef at Blue Elephant International Plc., said, “The staple of Thai foods is a balanced taste that artfully blends sweet, sour, hot and spicy, salty, and rich flavors. To create the ultimate Thai dining experience, we should keep in mind that all of the ingredients should be of a fine quality. Additionally, the chef must be flexible and open to the new working conditions. In other words, the chef should have “Never say No, Always say Yes” and “Make the impossible becomes possible” attitudes. At the same time, all culinary creations must be true to the authentic essence of Thai flavors.

As a result, pairing Thai food with Mekhong-based cocktails is truly possible. It’s fair to say that Mekhong is the King of Spirits that can be perfectly paired with Thai dishes. The core of menu creation is to create balances tastes made from pairing between the King and the Queen of ingredients. For example, Pla Koong with Mangosteen (Thai-style spicy salad with a king prawn, Thai herbs and mangosteen tossed with tamarind sauce), is the perfect dish that is based on the main ingredients which are the fresh seawater prawns that straight from the local sea of Phuket and mangosteen known as the Queen of Fruit. Cooked in Thai-style with extreme flavors and to pair this dish with a cocktail based on King of Thai spirit is a surprising triumph. They complement each other to a level which helps elevate Thai cuisine to a unique find dining experience that offers a seamless blend of cosmopolitan and traditional Thai styles.

The Mekhong ELITE TABLE is a revolution of Thai dining that transcends the limits of traditional Thai meal. It elevates the art of pairing Thai dishes with Thai spirits to create a perfect match that enhances the taste of a wide range of dishes and offers endless possibilities for food aficionados worldwide. Taste the results of this creative approach to the culinary art at Blue Elephant (Bangkok and Phuket), Osha Thai Restaurant & Bar and Vivarium by Chef Ministry . For more information, visit

www.facebook.com/mekhongthailand and www.mekhong.com


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