Let arts lead the way: Nattanit (Nina) Suwit

Nattanit (Nina) Suwit
Nattanit (Nina) Suwit, Nina Decorative DesignBusiness Owner

It is said that one ‘sense’ of the arts is a kind of talent which cannot be copied. It is significantly valuable in any industry that asks for creativity, to make common an uncommon, to better the good or even extraordinary. The booming real estate industry in Phuket also demands this ‘sense’ to add value to buildings. A house does require furniture, accents and proper composition to fill up vacant spaces, doesn’t it? But emptiness then becomes a real haven.

Phuketindex.com magazine, this issue, is going to introduce a smart woman who knows well what she should do with the gift she was given.

Her ‘sense’ of the arts lead Mrs Nattanit (Nina) Suwit to a vibrant future with a furniture supply and decorative design business she started and dedicated herself in – called ‘Nina Decorative Design’.

The Beginning
Mrs Nattanit or ‘Nina’ told us about the beginning of Nina Decorative Design; it started about three years ago. “Before this, I was working with projects and hotels in my last company supplying awnings and cushions and I noticed there was always a need in Phuket for good quality, well-priced furniture. I heard clients complain about furniture being too expensive and taking too long to arrive. In the case of indoor wood furniture from Thailand, they had many problems splitting later. Hence, I decided to source indoor/outdoor furniture from Indonesia.”

The Principle
We still wonder how come a person with no degree or educational background about art or decoration would risk herself in this industry. She revealed: “Actually, I have been involved in manufacturing and providing awnings and cushions to retail and project clients over the last 15 years. During the time I have developed a good eye for colour co-ordination and product mix especially at the concept stage of a project. I have considered some of the design courses available but have always found there is no substitute for practical experience and natural ability.”

The Connection
If you are not the only one or the first mover, you have to try hard to not drown and find yourself a standpoint in the industry. For Nina Decorative Design, in her case she was a follower; Mrs Nina explained it was a connection that played the leading role. “I am fortunate my partner, Alan, has a wholesale furniture company in Australia supplying over 200 shops and has an outdoor furniture factory and warehouses in Indonesia. He also supplies hotels with
artifacts and furniture all over the world. So getting the same prices and support in Indonesia has enabled me to supply my clients in Phuket with products at a very good quality and price.”

The Target
“Large or small, the orders still have the same importance to us.” This was being emphasized in part of our conversation when we asked about her target customers. “We welcome anyone with a house or villa or apartment who wants indoor or outdoor furniture, or outdoor features.” She added: “We have stock in our showroom but specialize more in custom orders for clients such as hotels and projects requiring specific furniture or artifacts. We also get a number of clients who are just looking for something different for their house.”

The Products
Nina Decorative Design supplies indoor and outdoor furniture including art, lamps, mirrors, pots, water features, statues and many other ranges. “We are very strong on our ability to supply custom-ordered art out of our office in China and have a good range in stock. The materials we use are very diverse from teak, mahogany and mango woods to aluminum, copper, stone, GRC (Glass-fibre Reinforced Concrete), resin, Terrazzo, glass mosaic, fabrics and all the natural weaves like water-hyacinth, sea-grass, rattan and Abacca.” Really all kinds and all styles.

The Inspiration
“I love finishing a room setting and seeing the client very happy or when the client visits the showroom it feels really good helping them choose beautiful ranges for their house or project. Making them happy is part of my job and what inspires me a lot.”

Many thanks to Mrs Nina for sharing her valuable time with us, as she likes to use most of her spare time traveling overseas to source ranges and taking care of her lovely 8 year-old son.


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