Laguna Phuket to Launch “Fully Booked!”

Laguna Phuket to Launch “Fully Booked!”

Laguna Phuket to Launch “Fully Booked!” Laguna Phuket is launching a new community project, “Fully Booked”, which will see the opening of a new mobile learning centre for schoolchildren.

The project is one of many initiatives set up by Laguna Phuket to support its wider strategic goal on social & educational development, which aims to build capacities of local communities through socially benefiting projects, adequate educational support, and access to quality educational services.

“Fully Booked!” Mobile Learning Centre will help inspire younger schoolchildren to develop interest with books and help improve their literacy through assisted reading.

As part of the long-term plan, the Centre will also work with rural parents to teach them how to read ‘to’ and ‘with’ their children to encourage the learning process.

Laguna Phuket to Launch “Fully Booked!” The Centre will travel to target schools, setting a pop-up classroom on the grounds to provide schoolchildren with access to materials that are crucial for learning, but are very expensive and unaffordable to many rural schools and families. It is hoped that this will reduce the literacy gap between urban and rural schools.

A qualified librarian cum teacher will be employed to manage the Mobile Learning Centre and ensure the programme runs efficiently. During the first semester of academic year 2014, the centre will visit three pilot schools each week, servicing each target student at least one time a week for the duration of the term.

They will ensure that learning progresses are in line with the national curriculum and will keep the programme relevant, fresh and engaging, covering topics such as the environment and English language skills.

Laguna Phuket to Launch “Fully Booked!” Guests staying at any Laguna Phuket hotels will be invited to visit the Mobile Learning Centre at schools and join the teachers through interactive involvement by reading and playing interactive learning games with the children.

Since the project initiation 2 years ago, more than 2.2 million Baht was fundraised for the Centre through the generous support of Laguna Phuket triathletes, marathoners, associates, and community members. A matching fund of 2.2 million Baht was made by Banyan Tree Global Foundation to purchase and outfit the mobile vehicle, along with an additional 500,000 Baht for purchase of books and learning materials.

“The “Fully Booked” programme will benefit schoolchildren in Laguna Phuket’s community as well as neighboring areas whilst maintaining close links with the group-wide Banyan Tree Seedlings initiative launched six years ago,” said Mr. Ravi Chandran, Managing Director of Laguna Phuket.

“Education is a cause very close to our hearts, and we are excited to see the Centre at the launch later this month.”

The launch is scheduled for Friday, 25th April, and will be followed by the Centre’s operation launch later in June this year.

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