Laguna Phuket Leads Buddhist Lent Day Procession

Khun Niyom Tassaneetipagorn, Senior Assistant Vice President – Corporate Affairs & Community Relations, Laguna Resorts & Hotels Plc (3rd from left) led the procession of Laguna Phuket associates to Somphan-Ngor Monastery in Cherng Talay Sub-District, Phuket Province, to present a lent candle to the monks. Laguna Phuket participates in the ceremony every year as part of its long-standing commitment to preserve local cultural traditions and values.

laguna phuketBuddhist Lent is a period of three months during the rainy season when monks remain within the wat (temple) rather than making their daily journey into the community to receive food offerings so as to not trample on rice paddies. During this time, community members make traditional offerings in form of lent candles to the temples because it symbolizes spiritual illumination.


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