Laguna Phuket Kindergarten Organises Mother’s Day Ceremony 2014

Laguna Phuket Kindergarten Organises Mother’s Day Ceremony 2014



Laguna Phuket Kindergarten Organises Mother’s Day Ceremony 2014
From left to right: Khun Tawicha Thongthammachart PTA association advisor, Laguna Phuket Kindergarten, Khun David Seet SAVP Resorts Operation, Laguna Phuket, Dr. Sommai Preechasilp Deputy Phuket Governor, Khun Nuanlaor Sabaijit Editor-in-chief, Sieng Taksin Newspaper, Khun Niyom Tassaneetipagorn SAVP Corporate Affairs, Laguna Phuket, Khun Prae Sunantaraks Director of Community Relations, Laguna Phuket, Khun Aranya Chienginn Principal, Laguna Phuket Kindergarten

Celebrating H.M. the Queen’s 82nd Birthday, women’s roles, and 22 years of educational support

Laguna Phuket Kindergarten (LPK) organised its annual Mother’s Day Ceremony for 168 students in K1 to K3 level. The event was attended by more than 250 parents and family members.

The three-hour ceremony which took place on Friday, 8th August was officiated by Dr. Sommai Preechasilp, Vice Governor of Phuket, who led gratitude observance to celebrate HM the Queen’s 82nd birthday. The Ceremony began when Mr. David Seet, Senior Assistant Vice President of Laguna Resorts & Hotels, addressed the crowd and gave the opening speech, followed by a series of performances by parents and LPK children.

Laguna Phuket Kindergarten Organises Mother’s Day Ceremony 2014Another highlight of the Ceremony is the panel discussion on “The Roles of Women in Nurturing Our Society” by a female panelist of some of Phuket’s influential women; Dr. Sommai Preechasilp, Vice Governor of Phuket; Ms. Nuanla-or Sabaijit, Editor-in-Chief, Sieng Taksin Newspaper; and Ms. Aranya Chieng-inn, Principal of Laguna Phuket Kindergarten.

The event continued with a heartwarming Mother’s Day Ceremony when children knelt down before their mothers to present their mothers with jasmine flowers and mother’s day cards as token of love and gratitude. Smiley yet tearful mothers then gave blessings to their children, ending the special occasion on a touching, emotional and loving note.

Laguna Phuket Kindergarten Organises Mother’s Day Ceremony 2014“Children’s education and well-being are causes very close to our hearts, and we recognise mothers’ and women’s everlasting roles in nurturing and educating new generations,” said Mr. David Seet in his opening speech. “Noticing that children of the men and women working to construct the hotels had no safe place to stay during work hours, Ms. Claire Chiang, the wife of founder Ho Kwon Ping, subsequently worked with Laguna to establish a free child care centre in 1992. Over 20 years, we continue to support early education through the centre which is now Laguna Phuket Kindergarten.”

Originally established in 1992 as a Child Care Centre, the facility was officially registered under Thailand’s Ministry of Education, to be licensed and certified as Laguna Phuket Kindergarten in 2008. The school provides free education to children of Laguna Phuket associates and underprivileged community members. Since the school’s commencement, 2,867 children have enrolled and 705 students have graduated from Laguna Phuket Kindergarten.

Laguna Phuket Kindergarten Organises Mother’s Day Ceremony 2014LPK Awards and Recognitions:

2014 – Teacher Excellence Award from The Teachers Council of Thailand, Ministry of Education.
2012 – Teacher Excellence Award from the Phuket Primary Educational Service Area Office.
2003 – Best Child Care Centre in Region 11 (upper Southern Region of Thailand – and being 1 of 12 best in the country) from the Ministry of Public Health.
2000 – Best Childhood Development Centre Award in Phuket from the Department of Community Development, Ministry of Interior.

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