Laguna Holiday Club launched its “Baan Fueng Fah Support Programme”

Laguna Holiday Club [LHC] of Phuket today (16 June, 2010) launched its “ Baan Fueng Fah Support Programme” for the Baan Fueng Fah Home for Disabled Babies at Pak Kret, Nonthaburi, near Bangkok.

The Corporate Social Responsibility programme will be funded by LHC by a dollar for dollar matching fund through its 6000 time share members when they renew their subscriptions or newly sign up.

LHC Assistant Vice-President, Gerard Van Paassen said the company would finance the purchase of much needed equipment for Baan Fueng Fah

“We believe such CSR projects put something back into the Thai community from whom we draw a great deal of support. Baan Fuang Fah children are disadvantaged but the organization does a wonderful job of assisting them through life which we are honoured to be a part of.”
Baan Fuang Fah cares for more than 400 mentally handicapped, deaf and blind children up to the age of seven years old.

There are three main objectives of the programme: to provide what Baan Fueng Fah needs to offer a normal level of service, which may be an emergency provision where necessary; to create a benchmark to raise existing conditions to a level considered to be adequate, given the circumstances and to establish mechanisms for the orphanage to support itself in the long run.

Some of the assistance LHC can give includes milk power for children 1-3 years up; condensed milk; diapers; drugs and a first aid kit; clothes and shoes; toys for children with skill and physical disabilities; a baby couch; television; refrigerator; food grinder, food mixer and fans for the walls and ceilings.

“Given the increasing number of children in need it is important that the orphanage can receive assistance from people like LHC members, for example,  to help them care for the children in the best way possible,” said Mr. Van Paassen.

LHC’s  involvement will centre on the purchase of much needed equipment, and development of a training package for volunteers to aid in the mobility of the children. Longer term LHC would hope we can help the orphanage become more self-supporting through development of products and services.

David Campion, Group Director, CSR Operations at Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts, which will oversee the project, said: “ LHC has chosen Baan Fuang Fah after extensive research, including visiting the orphanage and also two others to assess their suitability to be the beneficiary of the CSR programme. Our clear impression was that while Baan Fuang Fah undoubtedly needed more support for its operations, it was also well administered and the maintenance of the facility was very good, given the limited resources.”

LHC CSR at Baan Fueng Fah

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