Kids and Family Day Fun Fest 2010 at Central Festival Phuket

Central Festival Phuket invites all kids in Phuket to have some fun on coming National Children Day in the “Central Festival Phuket Kids & Family Day Fun Fest 2010” during 8-9 January, 2010.

Enjoy activities at 1st floor, Drop off and Convention Hall, Central Festival Phuket

8 Jan 10

  • Take a tour with Mobile Eyes and Minor Surgery Clinic by Rotary Club of Tungka and Thai Red Cross

9 Jan 10

  • Singing contest “Central Festival Phuket Kids & Family Day Fun Fest 2010 Contest”
  • Dog shows from “Phuket International Dog School”
  • Students’ performances from Darasamuth Phuket School, Auban Phuket School, Dowroongwittaya School and Kajonkietsuksa School Phuket
  • Violin performance from Yamaha Music School Phuket
  • Hand puppet story-telling and a show from Phuket International Hospital
  • Kids competitions, games and etc.

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