Kata Royal Residence Team with a touch of heart warming welcome

Kata Royal Residence
Mr. Soponsil Boonchompaisarn (Managing Director) and Miss Pimpa Phitiya-isarakul (Executive Director)

(Phuketindex.com Magazine Vol.9) By focusing on its selling points, ‘Kata Royal Residence’ boasts the ability to enjoy dramatic views of every sunset over Kata Beach, wherever you are in the building. This 53 unit condominium project ‘Kata Royal Residence’ is therefore being watched closely by both buyers and other players in Phuket’s property market for its remarkable kick off.

Its concept is a higher level of standard which Kata Royal Residence’s team of professional set for the condominium market in Phuket. It goes beyond luxury and comfort to better perspectives and adds perfection in every detail. On this occasion we grabbed a chance to interview with Mr Soponsil Boonchompaisarn and Miss Pimpa Phitya-isarakul, two executives who determined the project’ vision, designed its character and created a creation that exceeds the expectation of customers.

How did Kata Royal Residence begin?

The project began when we executives formed a team ourselves. Based on our experience in the real estate industry, whether it be designing, construction, finance or marketing which we are accustomed to, that made us a complete Kata Royal Residence team. We chose Phuket as we regard it as a 2nd Hawaii of the world and because we believe Phuket has the potential to develop and grow much more. Later, we were looking for a good location to launch our first project. It ended up in Kata as the area is becoming interesting and the location is strategically good.

Talk about the idea and concept that drives the project?

Not different from others, we hold onto every basic feature a good condominium should provide – let’s say: comfort and convenience, tasteful design, and a complete range of facilities. But one entity we bring to our concept is sublime scenery. The residents will be able to enjoy multiple sunset views of the Andaman Sea. We are confident there are not many condominiums in Phuket that offer this specialty. And we believe this aspect will raise up the project and create distinctiveness anyone can remember at Kata Royal Residence.

Kata Royal Residence

Kata Royal Residence

What are the style, design and size of the units?

The design concept of Kata Royal Residence, for both exterior and interior, is tropical modern giving a feeling of a vacation home. The project comprises 53 two-bedroom units packed with cutting-edge facilities and technology. With functional space varying from 105-170 sqm., each unit can cope with a large family as it is even spacious enough for a small party. The building features lifts for different zones that have been divided to make it easy to facilitate together with restaurant and fitness centres.

What are the prospects of the project?

We concentrate on foreign clients – the European market – those who choose a destination like Phuket for their vacation and a group of new generation business people. Kata Royal Residence has been designed to fulfill the requirement of this segment – not only for living but for investment purposes as well. We estimate that it could make not less than 30% in value gains.

What would you like to say to the readers?

We would like to introduce everyone who is searching for 1) convenience 2) views 3) vacation home in Phuket, to consider Kata Royal residence and our futures projects. We pledge to carry on the idea, no matter how many more projects come up. This also helps our position in the market become clearer and understood easily.

The project’s financial back up is trustworthy and certainly secure. To reduce complications about banking, we have our own fund to support foreigners especially, to loan directly through the project. So please believe in our potential & readiness and feel free to talk with us.


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