Jungceylon presents its new projects to get more customers

Jungceylon Phuket department store
Jungceylon Phuket department store

Prawit Janyasitthikul, the Vice President on the executive board of Phuket Square Co. Ltd., the company administrating Jungceylon Phuket department store, said that in the second half of 2010, the department store would launch its new projects in order to attract more customers to rent its shopping area as well as attract more tourists coming to shop in the Jungceylon.

The new projects to be launched are 4D theatre, Shell World (Shell Museum), Game Zone, Disco Tech, Brewery House, and Magic Show from Las Vegas. All projects are worth 300 million baht. Prawit mentioned that now 92% of the renting area was taken. He expected that the projects would increase rented areas to 100% of the department store by the end of this year. He added that the company would launch its new boutique hotel which will be an alternative cheaper accommodation for tourists apart from its existing 5 – star Millennium Hotel Patong. The new hotel was under construction and would be completed by this October. Meanwhile, the company also planned to have 50 events all year round in order to stimulate its turnover. In the first half of the year, there was 10% growth in income of the department store. The executive board expected another 10% growth by the end of this year.


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