HomeWorks Phuket – Home Paradise for Home Lover

For home lover, HomeWorks is just like a paradise. No matter whether it be something for a new house or items for maintenance, it can all be found here.

HomeWorks Phuket is the largest home depot shopping centre in the southern region, interconnected to Central Festival Phuket with a covered overpass, located just on the opposite side of the road in the heart of Phuket. It houses a number of leading stores, commercial banks, restaurants and fast food outlets spread over 26,000 square meters of space in the massive two-storey building.

Homeworks Phuket provides a myriad of quality home products including kitchen furniture & appliances, bedding, home organizers & home decoration, bath ware, bath fitting, floor & tile, hardware, paint, tools, pumps, plumbing, lighting & electricals. All are well assorted and displayed for your easy shopping. Under the same roof, there are also a Design Centre, Home Solution, Installation & Contractor, Free Delivery, & Financial Service customized to your budget.

Open daily 9:00 – 22:00 hrs.
Tel: 076 608 000


Chanintat Pachantabutr
Chanintat Pachantabutr

Chanintat Pachantabutr Or Mon is one of Phuket’s young blood. Known for his dynamic role as an executive at the island’s illustrious restaurant, Kan Eang@pier. He is presently the creator and supervisor of his new development ‘Patak Villa’, a premium residential and commercial building project. The project is positively regarded for its high quality, stylish architecture, and functions that fit lifestyle. Thus it is already very successful.

We are really eager to know what an executive, who has experience in property development and a young man who has such a modern lifestyle, thinks about home décor and what he recommends for home lovers?

“I try to choose and put the best things into home construction to make sure that the output will have quality. Other than this, pay a lot of attention to decoration as I believe this is the way to spark a light for living in any home. It will add some sense of aesthetics and inspire a pleasant touch. The process is one of my favorites. It’s really fun, challenging and a pride of course if we are able to transform our imagination into reality whether it is kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living space. It’s such a creative step.

“For me, finding items that fit the needs is not a problem but finding those that really ‘match’ my vision is not easy. Homewroks Phuket is one of the very first destinations I automatically head to, whenever I look for items or even when I need inspiration. Homeworks Phuket keeps me up to date with the trends and gives me some ideas to use with my own business. It is the place that is always worth a visit and I’m sure it is the same for other home lovers as well.”


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