Government officially welcomes GrabTaxi into Phuket

Government officially welcomes GrabTaxi into Phuket

GrabTaxi, the largest on-demand transport app in Southeast Asia, has officially presented their service to the Phuket government as part of the process of entering this new market. This marks the fourth city in Thailand that will be able to use the GrabTaxi mobile app to book taxis in the safest and most efficient manner for a reasonable and regulated price.
01Government officially welcomes GrabTaxi into PhuketVee Charununsiri, Deputy General Manager, GrabTaxi Thailand said “We’re proud to have the full support and recognition from the Phuket government and we feel that this is a testament of how much GrabTaxi has positively changed the transport industry in Thailand. We are confident that with the help of local government we can go a long way in ensuring a safer and more efficient transport system for the island.”

The Phuket government is working to address Phuket’s taxi problems, including the rarity of a metered fare. With the introduction of GrabTaxi, this will help government alleviate these issues as all GrabTaxi drivers will be given training on using the app as well as the criteria for being a GrabTaxi driver, which includes using metered fares and providing a higher quality of service.

Part of the GrabTaxi’s success is their commitment to building a high quality network of drivers, so passengers are encouraged to report rude or unprofessional behaviour through the feedback channels on the mobile app. This will assist GrabTaxi in rooting out drivers that do not follow rules and also improve the overall service of transport in Phuket.
02Government-officially-welcomes-GrabTaxi-into-PhuketPhuket Governor Nisit Jansomwong said, “My team and I are working hard to develop a more safe and efficient taxi system that will benefit not just the locals but also tourists on the island. GrabTaxi will make it easier and safer for people to catch rides, with properly metered fares. Indeed, a quality taxi booking system such as GrabTaxi can help boost tourism here. We look forward to continuing to support GrabTaxi.”

“GrabTaxi has a proven track record in other Thai cities and the region for providing trusted and reliable rides and improving the lives of drivers. This is the way forward for a better and more holistic transportation system,” added Nisit.

GrabTaxi first launched in Bangkok in 2013. It quickly expanded into Pattaya and Chiang Rai. The app promises to deliver rides that are Safe, Certain and Fast, GrabTaxi’s three key pillars.

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