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Chanjit Langji, Founder of Artizarn80
Chanjit Langji, Founder of Artizarn80

“I would like to deliver new creations to Phuket. Through quality products and professional service, Artizarn80 will modernise simple roofing, window coverings and curtains to become beautiful designer works that are controlled by advanced technology. Your place will be enhanced to be even more fascinating,” said Chanjit Langji, the founder of Artizarn80.

Phuket is fully stepping into a modern era. Designers of hotels, lodges, resorts, villas etc. place importance on harmonious combinations between modernity, aesthetics and functions for both interiors and exteriors. This idea guided Mr. Chanjit Langji to start up Artizarn80 with the intention to provide a new dimension to the province.

Mr. Chanjit recalls: “I have seen business opportunities by observing Phuket’s hotel and property industry that keeps growing every year. I tried to look for the type of products and services which will support these potential businesses. When combined with my own interest on design, I then decided to jump into the Window Covering, Awning Solution, Fabrication, Skylight Roof and Interior Design products and services, offering excellent solutions for buildings, homes, or other particular spaces. ”

“The distinctiveness of our products is the automated systems that help make any curtain or window covering more convenient to use, offer long duration and the flexibility that allows the installation meet the needs of users the most. For roofing, we design it keeping in mind the aesthetics and at the same time are able to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays or let the light in whenever you want. This is just a sample of our products and services.”

“Artizarn80 exists to meet customers’ satisfaction. Along with imported high quality products and impeccable after-sales service, we can guarantee our expertise with our successful installations for many 3-5 star hotels and all levels of customers in Phuket. I truly believe that with an experienced and professional engineering team, Artizarn80 will give a different perspective to your place.”


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