Get OneCall Mobile PBX at a Low Price

Get OneCall Mobile PBX at a Low Price

Starting a new business is a hectic time when you’re trying to keep customers happy and balance the needs of suppliers and staff. The last thing you need to worry about is the equipment, complicated services and excessive costs of a PBX service. You may not even be to the point of having a full-time receptionist yet.

But DTAC has introduced a mobile PBX at a low monthly price that may be just the thing to make your life easier and add an air of professionalism to your business. The system is called OneCall, and it’s streamlining the phone operations of businesses all over Thailand.

OneCall is Mobile and Flexible

New businesses have to be agile and ready to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. With OneCall as your PBX, you can set up your phone system however you feel it would benefit your customers and staff and change it as your business evolves and develops.

This is a truly mobile system. It doesn’t require any bulky PBX phone installation or wiring. And although it can be managed on a computer, it doesn’t require the services of an IT department. You can easily install and manage the capabilities of OneCall by yourself. You can even manage the system from your smartphone while eating lunch in your favorite restaurant.

Suits Many Kinds of Businesses

The flexibility of the system serves many newly established companies, as well as older companies undergoing a period of expansion and growth.

If you’ve established a business consultancy, the phone can be your lifeline. You need to be always available for potential clients and established clients whenever they need your services.

Businesses with numerous branches and offices need to present a seamless, united image and maintain communication throughout the day. OneCall provides the hub that connects all your different offices and ensures you’re all on the same page offering the same services.

Ecommerce and retail businesses are conducting more business by phone than ever before. They need to transfer calls at lightning speed to keep every customer happy and provide them with the information they need to complete their order.

Choose the Package that Helps Your Business

DTAC offers two packages to help the phone operations of your business work as effectively and as streamlined as they can.

The basic OneCall package offers a single-layer forwarding system packed with a host of features. It has automatic call forwarding and an autoresponder to automatically provide a response to your valued customers even if you’re on the phone. It has an entire range of features that help you manage your phone usage and presence, like an internal contact number and private voicemail box.

If you opt for the Multi-layer OneCall package, you’re now in possession of a mobile PBX that can add a degree of professionalism. This professionalism makes life easier for your employees and is more efficient for your customers.

Find out how easy it is to present the right image for your company with a modern mobile PBX system. Call DTAC and ask them for more information about their OneCall system.

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