Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women

Who said women can’t be a leader? Who said women’s influence is death? Who said women can’t make waves in business, politics, & nonprofits all over the world?

Yes, no one said that, especially these days. But if you still wonder, let’s see one of the most American influential publishing and media companies, Forbes, told the world.

Forbes’ powerful women list isn’t only about celebrity or popularity but influence. It looked for women who run countries, big companies, and influential nonprofits.

At No.1 on Forbes’s most powerful women list is German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She has been catching the No.1 since 2005. Since the reelection last September, she is leader of the world’s fourth-largest economy who faces a tough year of recession.

Here is the list of the first 10 most powerful women

1.    Angela Merkel
2.    Sheila Bair
3.    Indra Nooyi
4.    Cynthia Carroll
5.    Ho Ching
6.    Irene Rosenfeld
7.    Ellen Kullman
8.    Angela Braly
9.    Anne Lauvergeon
10.    Lynn Elsenhans

Source: Forbes


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