Flash Express Joins Hands with Index Living Mall

Flash Express Joins Hands with Index Living Mall

Flash Express collaborates with Index Living Mall to unveil the new brand “BULK BULK”, a service provider for comprehensive delivery, furniture assembly, and large-sized products within the full-fledged E-Commerce platform. Upholding the concept “How heavy, so light… BULK BULK,” the brand aims to become the No.1 player in the furniture delivery and installation market by the end of this year.

Mr. Komsan Lee, CEO of Flash Express, the leading professional logistics and delivery service provider covering across Thailand and Southeast Asia, stated that due to the growing trend of using delivery services for large-sized goods, Flash Express, in addition to providing large parcel delivery service (Flash bulky) as the leading professional logistics provider, has partnered with Index Living Mall to introduce the new “BULK BULK” brand. This service encompasses delivery, assembly, and installation of furniture and comprehensive large-sized products through the E-Commerce platform. The concept “How heavy, so light… BULK BULK” aims to expand the customer base beyond just delivery to provide holistic solutions.

“With the potential of being the leader in logistics service, Flash Express collaborates with Index Living Mall, the leader in retail furniture, household items, and comprehensive home decor. This partnership will help create an experience for customers and consumers that spans from efficient transportation to accurate, complete, and punctual delivery, as well as professional assembly and installation at the most cost-effective price.”

Ms. Kridchanok Patamasatayasonthi, Managing Director of Index Living Mall Public Company Limited (ILM), a prominent retail furniture, home décor, and lifestyle business in Thailand, highlighted that over the past 50 years, ILM has been meeting comprehensive household lifestyle needs, including furniture, household items, and décor, along with various services. With shifting consumer shopping behaviors towards increased online shopping, especially for large-sized furniture, Index Living Mall and Flash Express have established the joint venture “BULK BULK” to provide delivery, assembly, and installation services for large-sized items through the E-Commerce platform. This move caters to the current online business trends and prepares for future market competition. Furthermore, Index Living Mall has identified opportunities for expanding business that synergize with our core operations, aiming to diversify our business by utilizing the strengths of each venture and marketing channels. We firmly believe that the “BULK BULK” brand will cater to various customer segments, including B2B, Corporate Enterprises, and OEM Manufacturers. Currently, BULK BULK has garnered interest from several major corporate clients and has already received positive feedback on its services. In the initial phase, services will be available in the Bangkok metropolitan area and its surrounding provinces, covering general furniture items such as cabinets, beds, tables, sofas, and more. Looking ahead, the scope of services will be extended to include massage chairs, exercise equipment, electrical appliances, and beyond. Subsequently, expansion plans will reach various regions, particularly major cities with potential, and eventually encompass the entire country. This strategic approach is intended to accommodate both the local furniture market in Thailand and international furniture brands entering the Thai market in the future. Amidst the economic rebound in the first half of the year, driven largely by returning international tourists and expat communities, consumer confidence has been bolstered, supporting domestic consumption growth. This also applies to large-sized furniture and home decor products, which have seen consistent growth.

Mr. Ekalak Patamasatayasonthi, Deputy Managing Director of Business Development at Index Living Mall Public Company Limited, emphasized that “BULK BULK” is a significant step towards merging the strengths of both companies. It combines Index Living Mall’s installation expertise with Flash Express’s strong parcel delivery network that covers all regions in Thailand. The brand not only offers comprehensive delivery, assembly, and installation services but also solves the pain point of customers who struggle with assembling large-sized products. From now on, customers’ concerns will transform into a sense of ease and lightness with the BULK BULK service. Apart from offering comprehensive services encompassing transportation, assembly, and installation, which aim to fulfill customers’ needs, the fundamental aspect of the BULK BULK brand is the implementation of Economies of Scale – creating a sufficiently large network. As our network expands, along with a growing customer base, the transportation will become more efficient due to a fully utilized vehicle capacity. This will result in swift delivery rounds, ensuring customers receive products and services promptly with utmost efficiency. This is the pivotal factor that will lead to the sustainable growth of BULK BULK.


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