Firefly increases flights to Samui and Phuket

On May 25th 2010, at Metropole Phuket Hotel, Ms. Angelina C. Fernadez, Head PR and Marketing Department of Firefly Airlines, announced to the press in Phuket about the opening of the airline’s new direct flights from Phuket to Penang.

Angelina said that Firefly had been providing four weekly flights to Phuket and to Samui since service started in April 2007. It was not affected by violence in Bangkok since the two destinations were located far away and the airlines’ customers were confident how safe travelling to the islands was as well.

She mentioned that on December 10, the numbers of flights to Samui would increase to 7 times a week. She additionally commented that the political situation in Thailand could obstruct the airlines’ expansion; but the tourism situations in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia were very good.


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