Dream becomes reality with Thanya of ‘Wedding Planner Phuket’

Excitement,  smiling faces, eye contact, touches, embraces, then bewitching, beautiful, impressive, tear-jerking promises and whispers of “I love you” then exchanging wedding rings and kisses: such feelings and expressions are combined and make a wedding a truly special moment. For those who are bonded together with love, a perfect wedding therefore is ideal to make an impression that will last a lifetime.

Behind a beautiful wedding scene, there’s a lot of effort an organizer has to put in, to turn a plan on paper to become a real success. Since it was established, a team of professionals under the name ‘Wedding Planner Phuket’ now provides a ‘one stop service’ for many couples helping them turn a dream wedding into a reality. On this occasion, you are going to get to know Thanya, the founder of ‘Wedding Planner Phuket’. Come along with us to learn how she works and what is in her head.

What was the background and the beginning of Wedding Planner Phuket?

Before this, I ran my own wedding studio for about 5-6 years. During that time, I also learnt my limitation that it was not easy to handle everything by myself. I had to outsource or totally rely on a third party in some procedures. At that time there were more wedding studios opening with the result of higher competition in the market. The difficult circumstance pushed me to rethink.  A wedding planner business which provides a ‘one stop service’ popped up in my head and I believe this probably was the right direction for me and my team to shift on. The business is more unique and easier to expand into the new markets. Most of our clients are foreigners – those who choose Phuket for their wedding.

What does Wedding Planner Phuket offer?

Wedding Planner Phuket will be in charge of taking care of everything whether it be preparation for the ceremony, banquet, party, dinner, photography and video, decoration, shows, provision of master of ceremony, or other details such as bride and groom outfits, make up and hairdo. We pledge ourselves to take care of the clients’ wedding just as well as if it was our own or our good friends’ wedding.

What is your working philosophy?

Our work is a kind of service. The key is to satisfy the customers. So, although we are very confident that what we have done is already fine, if the customers don’t like it, we still have to change, improve, or offer them another alternative that will meet their satisfaction. Things are tougher when it’s a wedding. It is expected to happen just once in a lifetime. We need to get it right in every detail as we realize no one would accept failure on this special occasion.

Punctuality, integrity, reliability and ability to cope with or respond to an extraordinary incident or event are keywords of our work. We have to work the best to repay their trust in us. For a wedding planner, to see our clients’ and their guests’ smiling faces which are inspired by their happiness, is what bring us pride and courage to continue ‘create happiness’.

What is the difference between a wedding planner and wedding studio?

Wedding studios normally offer patterned packages for customers to choose. But wedding planners customize it. We are always looking for new ideas to apply with a wedding. Surprise and impression are our goals. Because of the different characteristics of each couple, each job always means a challenge for us.

Our job is to the soothe clients’ anxiety about any ‘odds-and-ends’ and let them fully enjoy and capture every moment.

Can a dream really turn into a reality?

When I was younger than this, as a girl, like others, I dreamt of wearing a beautiful bridal gown, having an amazing wedding with the one I could die for, in a place which is sophisticated like a picture, with music and flowers enhancing a romantic atmosphere, guests enjoying the food and feeling good to witness a wonderful wedding. Every moment was impressive and memorable. This was my dream and it has come true latterly. I wish to make other people’s dreams come true, just like mine as well.


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