Clubmed Phuket to return some land to public

Clubmed Phuket to return some land to public

Clubmed Phuket to return some land to publicA meeting to manage the much talked about Clubmed Hotel plot of land was held recently at the PPAO. PPAO Chief Executive – Paiboon was chair of the meeting which was also attended by PPAO administrators, executives from the Clubmed Hotel, village headmen and community leaders from Karon.

The meeting focused on the lease of the 39 rais of land in Karon on which Clubmed is situated. The 30-year lease, with PPAO as landlord and Clubmed (officially Holiday Villages) as tenant, expires on September 24, 2015. To answer to the public’s call to return the leased land to the public, Clubmed has proposed to relinquish 2 rais of land and build a public park equipped with exercise equipment. Clubmed also pledged to oversee the upkeep of the park daily from 7am to 7pm. It was agreed that 3 rai is a more realistic figure. However, the design and the management proposal are still being considered by the community leaders.

Clubmed Phuket to return some land to publicMr Paiboon told the meeting that the idea to create a public park from the land leased to Clubmed was proposed by Karon community leaders, which echoes the policy of PPAO to increase green space throughout the island. So far, some green spaces and parks have been built in Thalang, Kathu and Ban Don in Tambon Thep Kassatri. PPAO will support the creation of green space from Clubmed land for the people of Karon.


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