Bangkok Hospital Phuket holds First Aid training session

On March 31st, 2010, at the King Karl Gustav meeting room in Bangkok Hospital Phuket (BHP), a first aid training session called “Pigeons Save Lives” was held under cooperation between BHP, the Committee of First Aid Measures, and Thai Cardiac Doctor Association under Royal Patronage. The training was held in order to educate people how to perform first aid the right way.

In January, there were 2000 high school students from schools around Phuket trained in the project. This time, the target group was reporters or ‘pigeon-messengers’ since they are often present at unexpected situations or crime scenes. The reporters were trained how to give first aid to people who have cardiac arrests or choking caused by different factors. In addition, it’s imperative that people know how to perform first aid the right way, especially within 4 minutes to help people who have respiratory arrests because it can reduce disability which is a side condition of brain damage caused by lack of oxygen.


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