‘Bake’ by Twinpalms, in Chalong, held opening party

The ‘Bastogne’, recently renamed ‘Bake’ and taken over by Twinpalms Phuket resort hotel, is a popular bakery shop on Chao Fa West Road in Chalong (opposite Wat Chalong entrance) and on Wednesday, 9 June, they held a Liquid Chocolate Party or Grand Opening, while its ‘twin’ Bake in Cherng Talay (Laguna entrance), has a similar party opening on Thursday, 10 June at 18:00-21:00 hrs.

Phuketindex went along to capture the atmosphere, photos and video, as well as a few tasty bites of the baked bread, cakes, pastries, chocolate, and other usually ‘forbidden fruits’ if on a diet, washed down with wonderful choices of fruit juices, wine, champagne, and even liquid chocolate. Many guests and friends, including Phuket Senator Phummisak Hongsyok and hotelier/restaurateur Wallee Prachantaboot’s family turned up to toast its success.

Jean-Marie Tilleul, Chef

Jean-Marie Tilleul, the Belgian Chef at Bake, told Phuketindex that he opened his bakery, originally named ‘Bastogne’, in 2005 after the tsunami. Twinpalms just took over and he is now in charge of baking, and to train the staff in the right recipes, keeping the old staff and adding new staff such as Pastry Chef, & Bakery Chef. He still uses his own unique recipes. They supply not just Twinpalms hotel in Surin but also the Banyan group as well as the other Bake in Cherng Talay at Laguna. They plan to soon open a branch in British International School (BIS) in KorKaew and maybe even teach the students there how to bake, it may be a “surprise”!  His wife Jocia Ramaye, from Reunion Island, is the Business Manager, for Bake in Cherng Talay. The Chalong location is a good location for residents, while Cherng Talay is good for tourists, starting very well and quickly, having only been open one month so far. They are attracting both old and new customers. The Chalong branch is just opposite the famous Wat Chalong temple, giving a good spiritual feeling and now success, so much so that he can now retire next month and enjoy his own baked bread and delicacies more, while sailing around on his yacht ‘Bosco’ – perhaps he should rename it Bake(3)!

Jean with Wallee Prachantaboot's family

Phuket Senator Phummisak Hongsyok (on the left)

Jocia Ramaye, Manager (on left)

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