24 hour food center launched in Phuket Town

Chaiyuth Prayurayong, the owner of Phuket Town’s first 24 hours-a-day food center located opposite Pearl Phuket Hotel, said that food was the one of four essential factors for human living, therefore he decided to establish the 24 hour food center in Phuket Town to serve both locals and foreigners various kinds of food for the whole day.

He invested two million baht to build the 500 square meters food center. There are 23 blocks of mini-restaurants inside. Now more than 50% of the blocks have been rented by food entrepreneurs.

Chaiyuth commented that even though the current political & economic situations both in Thailand and other countries have resulted in decreasing number of tourists coming to Phuket, he still believed that Phuket is attractive in the long term for tourists.


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