The Rebound

When a beautiful, smart, suburban 40-year-old mother Sandy (Catherine Zeta-Jones) discovers her husband is cheating, she takes her two children Frank (Jake Cherry) and Sadie (Kelly Gould) to New York City to start over.

Sandy meets 25-year-old Aram (Justin Bartha), who is still trying to find out what he really wants in life. Sandy decides to make her nanny. One thing leads to another and they start fooling around. Things get complicated when they get into the intimate relationship, Aram and Sandy become aware of their own undeniable chemistry.

Another new comedy movie from Zeta-Jones directed by Bart Freundlich, who is not as famous as his wife, Julianne Moore.

The leading actor, Justin Bartha, is known for his co-starring role as Riley Poole in the National Treasure films and Doug Billings in The Hangover.


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