The Quiet Beauty Exhibition

The Quiet Beauty Exhibition

In the digital age today, there is an exhibition showing traditional darkroom prints from a group of individuals who fall deeply in the process rarely seen by other people. The exhibition is called “Quiet Beauty”, and is supported by a small community named Phuket Darkroom Club (PDC).
The exhibition is putting more than 60 beautiful traditional b&w prints on display, which express the believes and preferences of analog photographers who are faithfully fond of the artisanal process under the red dim light and the odour of the chemicals. The 12 participating artists consists of

1. Rachot Visalarnkul
2. Sitt Polcharoen
3. Ittipon pathanapichai
4. Mongkol Apichitchaichot
5. Suvit Ratana-apiromyakij
6. Ratchadaporn Tantilipikara
7. Tawatchai Thumrongkiatikul
8. Pipit Jariyavattanavijit
9. Sirawich Premsirinitikhun
10. Parin Chaipunya
11. Nirut Joramas
12. Achirawit Churmung

The Quiet Beauty Exhibition

Beside the true b&w photographs, we also hold the artists’ talking about the conceptuality behind their photographies on the opening ceremony on the 1st April. Another highlight will be on the 2nd April at Blu Monkey Hotel near the old bus terminal, where we have a special guest, Mr.Decho Buranabanpot who is the latest national artist in photographic art, to share his experiences and works.

This “Quiet Beauty” photography exhibition will be held throughout April 2017, started from the 1st April at 6pm, at “Bookemien 2521 (ร้านหนัง(สือ) ๒๕๒๑)” on Thalang Rd. located in Phuket old town district.

For any further information about this groovy event, should you contact +66 (0) 81 986 2547 or (Uncle Loong).


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