Replay: Iyaz

I just bought the new iPod and it’s like my iPod stuck on replay, replay-ay-ay-ay…..

You know what I’m talking about if you’re keeping yourself current with Hot 100 Billboard Chart. Na na na naeveryday…yes, this is ‘Replay’ by Iyaz.

Iyaz or Keidran Jones is a singer and rapper who was born and bred in the British Virgin Islands. His record was found in radio success in the Caribbean. He then was contacted by Sean Kingston over MySpace and later signed a recording contract with Time Is Money/Beluga Heights. His first debut album, My Life, will be released in 2010.

I’m pretty sure once his debut album release, he’ll be your new favourite singers.

…..Shawty’s like a melody in my head that I can’t keep out. Got me singin’ like na na na na everyday. It’s like my iPod stuck on replay, replay-ay-ay-ay…..


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