Phuket possible location for controversial reality TV Series

Phuket possible location for controversial reality TV Series

Phuket possible location for controversial reality TV SeriesInternational Recording Artist, TV Host and World Peace Ambassador Charles Dupois will be arriving in Phuket Thailand on the 15th of January 2014 at 11.59pm Thai Time at the Phuket International Airport with Thai Airlines Flight Number 225, and departing Phuket on the 30th of January 2014.

The host and Star of the show Mr. Charles Dupois along with the managing executive producer Mr. Kerry Crinis are coming to Phuket to scout for various locations and Islands that may be suitable for the filming of what will be the largest and most controversial reality TV Series of our time.

The Male Host for the up and coming reality TV series is International Recording Artist, TV Host and World Peace Ambassador Charles Dupois.

Charles’s film clip and song titled “If We Can Dream” has been endorsed by the king and queen of Thailand back in 2009 and still remains as the current International World Peace and Humanitarian Anthem which until recently was featured in cinemas throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Not more than a handful of people qualify as larger than life characters, but Charles Dupois trumps them all.

Physically commanding, intense, voluble and animated, this Egyptian born entertainer was raised by a French mother, who was born in Italy and an Egyptian father, making Charles’s heritage truly multi-cultural.

This Melbourne raised talented young Artist cut his teeth in the entertainment industry at the early age of nine.

Charles has carved a CV that boasts highlights that are many and varied, including a 9 month stint in Las Vegas. Charles performed at the Mirage and Luxor Casinos working with the likes of George Benson, Diana Ross, the Stylistics and other showbiz luminaries, as well as offers of recording contracts and Film contracts in the UK, USA and Italy.

Charles was managed by Tom Byron who also the Personal Manager of famous cricketer Dennis Lillie. This led to the association with Alex Leon, one of Elton John’s band members, and Elton John’s former manager John Reid. These are among the list of many other high profile music identities that Charles has been involved with.

Charles has also recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London, Hollywell Studios in Los Angeles and the world renowned Studios 301 in Sydney Australia. Charles has hosted various TV Shows and performed in a variety of musicals.

Charles returned from Europe and New Zealand where he appeared on the Good Morning TV Show and on numerous radio stations including Classic Hits.

On his previous visit to Bangkok in Thailand, Charles appeared as a special guest over 3 days on the renowned Thai – OZ Talk Show with Jaye Walton. Jaye Walton is also a Thai Consulate and in fact the person who arranged the official support and endorsement of the song “If We Can Dream” and Charles Dupois the Artist by Thailand’s King and Queen.

In July 2011, the If We Can Dream Music Film Clip performed by Charles Dupois hit the Movie Screens throughout Australia and New Zealand.

In 2012, Charles was the opening act for each of the two “If We Can Dream” – World Peace Concerts performing the current World Peace and Humanitarian Anthem titled If We Can Dream with had live audiences in excess of over 100,000 people from around the globe.

The concerts were planned to be televised around the world and watched by over a hundred million viewers in 2012.

NOW THE TIME HAS COME FOR – Bikini Island – Reality TV – 2014/15
Bikini Island – Reality TV will be the largest and one of the most controversial Reality TV Shows ever produced in the world.

Bikini Island-Reality TV is not about falling in love (although this is bound to happen).

It’s an exciting, full on 28 day Party Island culminating in a 7 day elimination process where the 150 contestants begin to eliminate each other down to the winning couple. This amazing once in a lifetime fantasy, takes place on a magnificent mysterious tropical island resort.

The show is designed to tantalize the viewer’s so much that each weekly episode will become compulsory viewing. We will keep them guessing right till the end as to which female and male contestant will become the winners of the$250,000.00 in cold hard cash.
If you have ever had a dream of being on a tropical Island for 28 days with 100 International gorgeous bikini clad woman and 50 attractive and successful bachelors, you might be able to make it come true on the New 2013 Bikini Island Reality TV show.
This 13 week series will be filmed on a secret international tropical island resort in 2014/15.

The show will bring together 100 gorgeous handpicked single woman and 50 international successful bachelors from across the globe who are all looking for the excitement and interaction that only Bikini Island-Reality TV can bring to their lives.
We will incorporate many exciting activities such as the recreation of Thailand’s infamous full moon party and the non-stop party atmosphere of Ibiza at our full on 28 day nonstop party.

We will bring international artists from across the globe that will perform live on Bikini Island – Reality TV.
We will create many surprises to keep you guessing right till the end.

We advise you to be on your toes at all times, and to expect the unexpected on Bikini Island-Reality TV.

The concept of the show is very simple; we put 2 women to every man. The women are in shared accommodation and the men are on their own, we then place spies on the island who are unknown to every person except for the producers.

These spies are placed amongst the contestants to create conflicts and confusion.

Then there are various daily activities, of scheduled partying, challenges and high-jinx planned as the background for the courtship of the hapless singles.

There will also be a number of women chosen who shall have an opportunity to live out one of their own personal fantasies whilst on the Island. We shall incorporate hidden cameras in the most unusual places!!!!!!!!!!!!

The spies maybe a he or she, or both! Watch out for the betrayals that will occur in the affairs of the heart.

By the way we have so many other surprises, but we just can’t tell you at the moment because Bikini Islands – Reality TV’s motto is to expect the unexpected on the most exciting and unpredictable reality TV show in the world.

On the 28th day of filming on the Island one lucky female and male contestant who has been voted as achieving the most bonded and compatible relationship shall be the winners of $250,000.00 in cold hard cash as well as an international trip together for 7 nights to any destination in the world.

The girls shall be cast from Brazil, Spain, Scandinavian, Italy, London, Germany, Los Angeles, Paris, Russia, Ukraine, and several other countries.

The female host yet to be chosen will be one of the girls from Sports Illustrated or one of the Victoria Secrets Models or a very well recognized celebrity.

The age group for the female contestants shall be between 18 to 35 years old must be single have a great personality and of course look great in a bikini.

The male contestants must be attractive, single between 25 to 45 years of age and have a great personality.

Castings will begin early 2014.

The artists that are planned to be invited to perform on the Island are the likes of Pink, U2, Maroon 5, Kings of Leon just to name a few.

International record producer Peter Blyton will control all the music / audio technical requirements for the filming of the show and arrange the International Acts for the island.

The show is being negotiated through an international agent to air in 120 countries on free to air and pay TV.

The show is owned and will be produced by One World Music Film and TV in conjunction with If We Can Dream – Universal.


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