Maroon 5 release first song from their new album

You, too, would be a little grumpy if you spent the last year in the freezing cold. And, in turn, the chiseled men of Maroon 5 return from Switzerland with the first song off  their forthcoming album Hands All Over. The track is called (wait for it) “Misery” and, we know, you probably shouldn’t be miserable if you were Adam Levine.

But what are you going to do. Other than listen to the song here. “Misery,” like all good Maroon 5 songs, explores the longing for both physical and emotional attention. It’s about falling in love. Or just bumping uglies.

Really, who knows! Then again, who cares when the guys bring along famed arena rock producer Mutt Lange for the ride and he applies their time-tested hooks in all sorts of dance funk sheen.

Hands All Over isn’t due out until September. One imagines, you guys will listen to that song a few million times before then.


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