Cheer Kate, a Phuket girl, in The Star 6 contest

Now, the famous TV singing competition called The Star year 6 is moving to the 3rd week. There are 6 candidates left and one of them is Kate, a Phuket girl, who is a younger sister of Kam Witchyanee Piaklin, the last Phuket winner of the contest.

Kiattisak Pillawas, the principal of Satri Phuket School, mentioned that Kate was a good girl and really talented therefore he would like her friends, teachers, and people in Phuket help to vote for her to pass through the next week of the competition,

The school has asked people to cheer for her with signs and posters around the island. Support Kate together by texting “*1” to 4242899 or call *49981.


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