Laguna Phuket presents Bodyslam Charity Concert 2015

Laguna Phuket presents Bodyslam Charity Concert 2015

Five Thousand Fans Flocked “Laguna Phuket presents Bodyslam Charity Concert 2015”
Five Thousand Fans Flocked “Laguna Phuket presents Bodyslam Charity Concert 2015”

On Saturday 22 August, Laguna Phuket, the island’s premier event venue, saw five thousand fans and concert goers crowded the sold-out “Laguna Phuket presents Bodyslam Concert 2015” at Laguna Grove, the resort’s outdoor large-scale event venue and home of its annual international sporting events.

Staged amidst beautiful parks on a tree-lined setting overlooking one of the resort’s lagoons, the Charity Concert featured a local band “Boynavio Group” as the opening act, followed by a performance by a local youth band “Umbrella”.

The featured act, Thailand’s no. 1 rock band “Bodyslam”, started performing at 8.30pm.

The night ended with a touching, heartwarming note when the band performed the last song “Life is Still Beautiful” and large LED projectors showed a surprise video clip of eleven Phuket Punyanukul students with hearing impairments translating the song lyrics to sign language.

As well as enjoying the music, concert goers were able to participate in Laguna Phuket’s fundraising for Phuket Punyanukul School.

“Part of the ticket sales goes to refurbishing a locker room and installing proper storage cabinets, lockers and shelves much needed for students’ dormitory at Phuket Punyanukul School,” said Mr. Ravi Chandran, Managing Director of Laguna Phuket.

“Laguna Phuket Foundation (LPF) will also contribute another THB 20,000, totaling the amount of THB 70,000 to be donated for the cause.”

Five Thousand Fans Flocked “Laguna Phuket presents Bodyslam Charity Concert 2015”

“We believe in sustainable community development, the goal achievable only with sufficient educational opportunities given to the young members of our communities. We all know someone close to us who would desire knowledge and skill, and yet through no fault of their own finds learning at the pace of a typical school classroom a real challenge. Wonderful schools like Phuket Punyanukul are our society’s way of giving these children a place to thrive upon” he conclude.

The band’s vocalist “Khun Toon” is Phuket’s frequent visitor who also enjoys spending time at various sporting events on the island such as the annual Laguna Phuket International Marathon and Laguna Phuket Triathlon. He is praised for leading a healthy, drug-free lifestyle which inspires many of his young followers to follow suit.

“I had run a marathon and participated in triathlons at Laguna Phuket before. Tonight was the first time my band and I performed here,” said Khun Toon,

“I am impressed and very happy with the Concert and our performance tonight. Thanks to all the fans in Phuket!”

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