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Day 1 Results 27th Phuket King’s Cup Regatta

Day 1 Results 27th Phuket King's Cup RegattaIRC 0
1. Boat:Jelik    Skipper: Frank Pong   Country: Hong Kong
2. Boat: Oi !     Skipper: Ahern Bailey Wilmer   Country: Australia
3. Boat: OneSails Racing    Skipper: Ray Roberts    Country: Australia

1. Boat:Foxy Lady VI    Skipper: Bill Bremner   Country: Singapore
2. Boat:Signal 8    Skipper: Patrick Pender / Jamie McWilliam   Country: Hong Kong
3. Boat:Windsikher    Skipper: Sarab Singh    Country:Singapore

1. Boat:Karasu    Skipper:Yasuo Nanamori    Country:Japan
2.Boat:No Applause    Skipper:Denis Sarana    Country:Russia
3.Boat:Sailplane    Skipper:Kirill Sakhartsev    Country:Russia

1.Boat: Red Kite II    Skipper:Anthony Root    Country: Hong Kong
2.Boat: Ichi Ban    Skipper:Matt Allen    Country: Australia
3.Boat: Madam Butterfly (Team Kata Rocks)  Skipper:Peter Dyer   Country: Thailand

1.Boat: Pine-Pacific, Skipper: Ithinai Yingsiri, Country: Thailand
2.Boat: Overdrive, Skipper: Ocean Agassi, Country: Australia
3.Boat: Silandra V , Skipper: Gian Luca Braggiotti, Country: Monaco

Sport Boats
1. Boat: IPPAI    Skipper: Makiko Matsuishi    Country: Japan
2. Boat: Team Tornado    Skipper: Lincoln Redding    Country:Thailand
3. Boat: Sakura    Skipper: Toshio Furuta    Country: Japan

Modern Classic
1. Boat: Remington,  Skipper: Jim Ellis, Country: Thailand
2. Boat: Farrgo Express,  Skipper: Peter Waa, Country:    New Zea Land
3. Boat: Taihu Shanshui Marina – Big “A”, Skipper:Horst Latkis / Mr. Wayne Pan – Big “A”, Country:  Thailand

Bareboat Charter
1.Boat: Sita, Skipper: Nikolay Shkurin , Country: Russia
2.Boat: Venture, Skipper:David Boekemann , Country: Australia
3.Boat: Rambutan, Skipper:Petr Kochnev , Country:Thailand

Open Charter
1. Boat:Sarawadee, Skipper: Nikiforov, Country: Russia
2. Boat:Little Eva, Skipper: Maxim Taranov, Country: Russia
3. Boat:Fei Jian, Skipper: Viktor Zakharov, Country: Russia

Multihull Racing
1. Boat: Asia Catamarans Hurricane    Skipper:Alan Carwadine    Country:Thailand
2. Boat: Multihull Solutions    Skipper:Scott Duncanson    Country:Thailand
3. Boat: Da Vinci    Skipper:Mark Pescott    Country:Thailand

Multihull Cruising
1. Boat: Star Fruit    Skipper:Roman Shirokov  Country:  Russia
2. Boat: Minnie   Skipper: Norikazu Arai    Country: Japan
3. Boat: Ariana    Skipper:Nikikov    Country: Russia

Firefly 850 Sports
1. Boat:Moto Inzi    Skipper:Roger Kingdon    Country: Thailand
2. Boat:Twin Sharks    Skipper:John Newnham  Country: United Kingdom
3. Boat:Voodoo    Skipper:Hans Rahmann    Country: Thailand

1. Boat:Lady Bubbly    Skipper: Chris Mitchell   Country: Australia
2. Boat:Rainbow Dream   Skipper: Simon Piff   Country:Singapore
3. Boat:Rumrunner11    Skipper: Chris Hillier    Country:Thailand

1.Boat:Sunshine Schooner, Skipper: Peter Wood, Country:Thailand
2. Boat: S/Y Argo, Skipper: Sam Butler-Hogg    Country:Thailand
3. Boat: Atlanta, Skipper:  Laurie Piper    Country:Thailand

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