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Khun Nueng and her invitation to Thalang ‘Road of culture’

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Khun Nueng – a partner of a guesthouse on Thalang Road, Phuket

Khun Nueng, a woman with a kind face and golden hair, told us, while she was she was snuggling with her dog called Duang Khae, that she was not a Phuket born citizen. “I was born in Phang Nga. However I moved to join my friend’s guesthouse business on Thalang Road. At first sight, I thought that the road was contemporary & beautiful. Yet, after I spent more time here, I found that it was charming and its special characteristics shine throughout the days when special cultural events are held around its area. This road conveys arts and culture through out those events perfectly.

Even on the quiet days, the road always welcomes visitors who want to experience its historical charm. There are not only souvenirs or pictures that the visitors get back from this road, but also the unique Phuket style which they could never find elsewhere. If you don’t believe, come and walk along Thalang Road.”

thalang road

thalang road

Thalang Road, Phuket

Thalang Road is Phuket’s ‘historical road’ located in Phuket City Municipality. Formerly, it was the trading center of Phuket. Most of the houses located along this road were owned by wealthy Phuket people. The houses were built in Sino-Portuguese styles which reflect unique combinations between Chinese and Portuguese architectures. It is also a good example of multicultural community on the island since native Thais, Chinese, Muslims, Indians, and European people have lived together peacefully on the same road.

It has been a long time since the peak prosperity of the road, however the buildings along the road have been renovated and preserved with the intention that they would tell the story about Phuket ancestors to the new generations of people. The boutique style restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops attract visitors to visit this historical road every day.

Phuketindex.com’s comment

This year 2010, Thalang Road looks different since the cables were put under the ground. There is no more cable interrupting its charming views any more.

From the past to the present, this road’s charms have never declined. The scent of Phuket original life style is still floating in the air along Thalang Road. Hotels, restaurants, art galleries, book stores and coffee shops help to color and make the road lively. Thalang Road is always visited by visitors and we hope that we will meet you there one day

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