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Thai fruits and their seasons

Thai fruits and their seasonsI think it’s quite well known that Thailand is a great place for those who love fruit lovers. Thailand is one place where you can find an incredible variety of fruits.

It is common for Thai people to eat fruit after they have finished a meal and a Thai breakfast will usually include a variety of fresh fruits. As well as being tasty and healthy, eating fruits after a Thai meal is a guaranteed way of easing the burning sensation experiences after eating spicy Thai food.

In general, Thai fruits are sweet including those which are usually supposed to be sour. Luckily for us living in Phuket, we live in one of the best fruit producing areas in Thailand. Phuket is notorious for its very own variety of pineapple. Pineapples grown on the island are known throughout Thailand and are very sweet and crunchier than many other varieties.

Thai fruit farmers are always striving to find new methods of cultivation, ensuring Thailand never faces a shortage of fruits in any season of the year.

Below is a list and brief description of some popular and some not so well known fruits grown in Thailand and the months they are most in season:

Tangerine (Som)
Thai tangerines are smaller and have a thinner skin than those found in western countries. They’re sweet, delicious and full of vitamins. The juice makes an excellent drink.
November to February

Rambutan (Ngo)
Red/green and hairy in appearance, the rambutan’s skin can be squeezed open or cut with a knife. Inside is a juicy, pale-coloured fruit and a large seed. Cheap
May to October

Custard Apple (Noi-na)
With distinctive knobbly outer skin, this delicious fruit is pulled apart by hand to reach the soft, sweet pulp inside.
May to August

Marina Plum (Ma-prang)
Peel off its golden yellow skin and a firm, sweet fruit is exposed inside, with a dark seed. Marina plums are often carved because of their firm texture.
March to September

Papaya (Malakor)
When ripe, papaya turns orange with streaks of red. The flesh inside is sweet, juicy and full of vitamins.
All year

Orange (Som kee-o warn)
Sweeter than those found in the West, Thai oranges are very popular and are eaten as a between-meals snack, dessert, or squeezed for the juice.
All year

Green Plum (Put-sar)
Also called crab apple, or jujube, this yellowish-green plum has a crisp texture and a sharp taste.
October to February

Durian (Toorian)
Known to Asian people as the ‘King of Fruits’, the durian is about the size of a melon, and covered with hard spikes. Colour ranges from green to yellow. The yellow segmented flesh inside has the consistency of custard and a distinctive taste, with a pungent smell that people either love or hate.
Best from May to July

Watermelon (Theng-moh)
Big and succulent, Thai watermelons are usually eaten after a spicy dinner, when their delicate taste helps to quench the hot chillies of Thai food. Another type of melon, cantaloupe, is also now widely available. This is smaller and yellow or white inside Both are ideal for decorative carving.
All year

Banana (Kluey)
There are many varieties of banana in Thailand, the most popular being kluey hom or kluey kai.
All year

Mango (Ma-muang)
There are with many varieties to be found, the most popular being yellow and soft to the touch when ripe.
February to May

Mangosteen (Mangkut)
The hard purple shell conceals a soft pulpy flesh surrounding large seeds. Popular with visitors as well as Thais for its sweet juiciness.
March to November

Jackfruit (Ka-noon)
Huge and sticky, jack-fruit is concealed within it hundreds of fleshy pieces with a distinctive, sweet taste.
All year

Pineapple (Saparot)
Sweet and juicier than those grown in other countries, Thai pineapples are reckoned to be the best of them all. The southern variety is smaller, but even tastier.
All year


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