8:53 am - Tuesday September 27, 2016

Please Help Shiver Save The Soi Dog Shelter…

Please Help Shiver Save The Soi Dog Shelter...

Please Help Shiver Save The Soi Dog Shelter...

A Letter From Shiver...
Time Is Running Out To Save The Shelter!

I was all alone and so hungry and scared. People were shouting at me and throwing sticks and stones at me. It was raining so hard and I tried to shelter under market stalls but the owners kept chasing me away. I did not understand. A man had taken me away from my mother put me in a car and then threw me out of the window. I heard him say I was ugly. Where was I? Why did people seem to hate me so much?

At night time it was dark and cold and I was even more frightened. I had never been on my own before. Big dogs I had not seen before chased me away and one bit me. I was so hungry and it hurt so much.

I became so weak I could no longer run away so I curled up in a ditch at the side of the road and waited to go to sleep and not wake up again, then I would not hurt again.

But then a man found me. He was big and I thought he was going to hit me like all the others but he picked me up and brought me here to the Soi Dog shelter. I think he saved my life.

My name is Shiver. I am writing you to ask for your help in saving my home and the home of many other dogs in the Soi Dog Foundations care. You probably know that Soi Dog needs to raise urgent funds to keep our home safe forever.

Being at Soi Dog is a whole new world of love and kindness. It is so different from the frightening world I had been living in. I will never forget how good it felt on that first night just to be indoors where it was warm and cosy.

I am just a little dog but I have a big heart and I want to ask you to help keep my home safe for me, but also for the many other dogs that Soi Dog cares for now and into the future.

Click Here to Help Shiver
Save the Shelter!

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