2:02 am - Tuesday September 27, 2016

Urgent request from Soi Dog charity on distemper outbreak

soi dogThere has been a major outbreak of distemper in Phuket and Soi Dog is in urgent need of your help to prevent this from becoming an epidemic! Soi Dog is currently working around the clock doing mass vaccinations of dogs at temples and other locations. Distemper has been virtually eradicated in the west, however this is not the case in Thailand.

Soi Dog vaccinates every dog that comes to the shelter against rabies. This has led to the eradication of rabies in Phuket with Phuket being declared Thailands first rabies free province!

However Soi Dog has never had the resources to vaccinate dogs for distemper. In the past we have seen and dealt with localized outbreaks, however distemper is currently appearing throughout the island. Distemper is an insidious disease that leads to a slow and painful death. It is an airborne virus that spreads very rapidly throughout a population.

The only effective way to eradicate distemper is to vaccinate all the dogs. We have already started vaccinating all dogs which have to stay at Soi Dog for treatment and any dog showing symptoms must be tested.

The costs involved are significant and that is why we need your help now. The cost of the vaccine alone is 105 baht and each dog needs 2 vaccinations two weeks apart. The test to determine if a dog has distemper is 200 baht. This totals approximately $13.50 or 10.50 Euro PER DOG!

For a dog testing positive to distemper 7 days of treatment costs 1,750 baht for the drugs alone plus the cost of high protein food. So over 2,000 baht is required to treat a dog that tests positive. ($70 or 54 Euro).

At a minimum we need to test and vaccinate every dog arriving for treatment, and our aim is to vaccinate several thousand dogs over the next several months.

Money needs to be raised URGENTLY!

Dogs testing positive for distemper cannot stay at the shelter because of the virulence of this disease. My wife Gill and I have set up temporary ICU unit for dogs with distemper at our house.

This often then involves the dogs requiring forced feeding and having to be transported daily to the shelter for treatment and then returned immediately to ICU. Following this treatment regime we are having a high rate of success but again this treatment is expensive

Below are pictures of Nuts who is one of the dogs now relocated to ICU.

Nuts is a 5 month old puppy that was rescued 2 weeks ago along with two very small 6 weeks old puppies that Nuts was amazingly trying to protect. At present the 2 young pups are testing negative for distemper but are still being given the treatment regime as a precaution. Nuts is doing well and we hope will survive.

We need your help now to stop the distemper outbreak. I would like to ask you for two things:

Please donate as much as you can today! Your donation will save lives and reduce suffering. Please share this letter with your email contacts and help us get the word out so that more people are made aware of this problem and can help provide the necessary funding to solve it. You may share this letter by clicking “Tell A Friend” at the top of this letter.

We can solve this problem but only with your help! Please click below to visit our emergency appeal page and   save lives today [http://www.soidog.org/en/distemper-emergency].

With your support Soi Dog is going to do what it takes to solve this urgent problem.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this most urgent matter,

John Dalley

The Soi Dog Foundation


www.soidog.org [http://www.soidog.org/en/distemper-emergency]

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