7:07 pm - Saturday October 1, 2016

Update from Soi Dog charity on distemper crisis

soi dogWe are currently sourcing from suppliers in Thailand large quantities of the vaccine. We are ordering 1,000 vaccines at a time and have gotten the price reduced to 100 baht per vaccine ($3.30 or 2.5 Euro). Total cost for 1,000 vaccines is 100,000 baht ($3,300 or 2,500 Euro). There is a less expensive vaccine but the one being used also vaccinates against rabies.

Soi Dog continues working around the clock doing mass vaccinations of dogs at temples and other locations.  soi dog

After this initial emergency response we will need to continue to source approximately 400 vaccines per month on an ongoing basis in  order to maintain containment of and ultimately eradication of  the disease. This equates to 40,000 Thai Baht per month (995 Euro or $1,332). Your monthly donation of $10 (33 cents or equivalent per day) will allow us to vaccinate 3 dogs against both distemper and rabies each month. A monthly donation of $20 (66 cents per day) will vaccinate 6 dogs! Please consider helping today. This is one of the most effective ways you can help.

Sadly new cases are coming in every day and spare rooms in supporters houses are being used to isolate puppies who are most susceptible to this horrible disease. We are having success and not one puppy has had to be euthanised yet. All are responding to treatment. However, once recovered they will have to be kept separated from other dogs for around two months.

soi dogThe two puppies in the photo are the latest to arrive. These were the ones mentioned in my original letter to you which Nuts was looking after. Unfortunately they have now tested positive. However they are responding well to treatment. Each morning all quarantined dogs have to be transported to the shelter and given a powerful cocktail of antibiotics and other supporting medication intravenously.

Through your help and that of other supporters we have already managed to eradicate rabies from Phuket and in time, with your support we can do the same with distemper.

All dogs at the shelter have been revaccinated. All dogs coming for treatment and sterilization are vaccinated immediately as the distemper anti body level starts to develop rapidly. All puppies receive a course of 3 vaccinations from the age of 6 weeks to 14 weeks. Any dog showing signs of distemper is being routinely tested.

Advertisements have been placed in both foreign and Thai language press advising pet owners of the need to vaccinate. Soi Dog will vaccinate for nothing where the owner cannot afford to pay.

Volunteers are being provided with vaccines for dogs they feed at temples, beaches and other locations.

Vaccines themselves must be kept cold at all times so donations of vaccines from abroad are unfortunately impractical. However test kits would be a very valuable donation as limited supply in Thailand.

The question has also been asked if humans, cats or wildlife can get distemper. The answer is no. Distemper is a disease only contagious for dogs.

Continued support is needed now in order to prevent a larger outbreak!

Click Here To Give The Gift Of Life

John Dalley

The Soi Dog Foundation


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