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Phuket’s Soi Dog Foundation [SDF] Expanding Into Bangkok

Bangkok’s Soi Cats and Dogs [SCAD] Foundation To Be Integrated into SDF.Bangkok’s Soi Cats and Dogs [SCAD] Foundation To Be Integrated into SDF.

Soi Dog Foundation (SDF) of Phuket today announced the official commencement of operations in Bangkok.

SCAD Foundation (Soi Cats and Dogs), a well established and highly regarded existing Bangkok-based Thai Foundation will be integrated into Soi Dog Foundation as part of the move.

KhunPhimpakarnPetpichetchien has been appointed General Manager of the new operation.

John Dalley (SDF Vice President) stated: “This is the first step in establishing a national organization dedicated to humanely tackling the stray dog and cat populations here. Bangkok has a massive problem but is blessed with a large number of Thai people and groups who are working extremely hard to both find a solution to the problem and provide care for the many injured and sick animals in the city. SDF-SCAD Bangkok will be very much a Thai run operation with SDF providing the necessary facilities and finance to support them.”

“SCAD is a tremendous organization who has achieved a great deal,  but it is felt that by integrating with SDF far more can be done by joining forces than working separately. “

AnnelizeBooysen, President of the SCAD advisory committee stated: “Joining forces with SDF is an excellent opportunity to combine our skills and resources to make a real difference in improving the lives of street animals in Bangkok, and later in the rest of Thailand. SDF has always been a partner to us – albeit at a distance – and we are very proud to be joining them now in the fight for improved animal welfare in Thailand.”

Mr. Dalley stressed that this would in no way impact on the foundations work in Phuket, where an ambitious program to increase sterilizations to 10,000 per year will commence once additional new vets and dog teams have been recruited and trained.  “We have now contacted all local Or BorTors with the exception of one, with a view to establishing full cooperation in instigating local mobile clinics throughout the island over the next 2 years.  All are in favour of this plan, which will commence this summer. The increased number of sterilizations will see Phuket under total control in 2 years. Although the number of stray dogs in particular has reduced over the past 8 years, the unsterilized dogs are now producing significantly larger litters and the survival rate is higher because of the reduced numbers. By increasing sterilizations to 10,000 per year we will be able to in effect overtake the birth rate.

Once under control a maintenance operation will be required to sterilize puppies dumped by owners who refuse to have their dogs sterilized, and allow us to focus on new areas. Sadly problems will continue in Patongwhere the local authority persist in disposing of sterilized dogs rather than allowing them to remain, whilst we focus on the unsterilized ones, which will mean the problem will never be solved there without a change in attitude. SDF will not cooperate with Patong Or Bor Tor particularly whist they continue to refuse to admit what they are doing with the dogs being removed. Their statement that they are taking the dogs to the Government Dog Pound is refuted by the Phuket office of the Department of Livestock, who manage that facility. We will of course continue to respond to calls from the general public regarding unsterilized and injured dogs in Patong.

Mr. Dalley also called on the Government of Phuketto impose a ban on the importation and sale of unvaccinated, unsterilized puppies in the main from puppy mills in Bangkok, which not only pose a risk of introducing rabies to the island, but also exacerbate the stray dog situation as many end up being dumped at temples and on the streets. “Dozens of puppies crammed into wire cages can often be seen at the cargo terminal at the airport destined for sale at markets and temple fairs. The puppies are generally 4/5 weeks old and cannot be vaccinated at that age.” Mr. Dalley said.

Contact: John Dalley john@soidog.org Cell: 0870508688

To learn more about Soi Dog Foundation and SCAD see www.soidog.org and www.SCADbangkok.org

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