10:34 pm - Tuesday September 27, 2016

PTTEP only survey with partners for petroleum potential in Andaman Sea

PTTEPRangsan Pengpam, the Manager of Petroleum Potential Surveys in Andaman, said that petroleum explorations and production cost a lot of money and was risky to get nothing after the survey had been done; therefore PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) share the project with seven other foreign companies in petroleum surveys in the Andaman Sea. The company also held public hearings on health and environmental concerns with local residents.

PTTEP had assigned Pro-En Technology, an American registered company with environmental survey and report expertise, to survey the area in 2008 and reported the result in 2009. Then PTTEP announced to the public that there was no oil exploration and production in the Andaman Sea yet; the only procedure was the survey. The company would report the progress on this project through media step by step and there is no conclusion about the beginning of the exploration. The company would definitely report to the public once there was a decision on it.

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One Response to “PTTEP only survey with partners for petroleum potential in Andaman Sea”

  1. Stevie
    November 28, 2010 at 3:11 pm #

    …. not “yet” is the key word here. Do we want to let this happen?!
    Should we really sit by in antcipation of another disasterous oil spill?! Should we really allow the oil industry to ruin the Andaman Sea too now. We saw how much oil companies can be trusted with BP’s oil spill in the U.S.
    Three things come to mind: 1. Thailands best asset – the Tourism industry would be threatened and possibly ruined; 2) the livelyhoods of many simple Thai people would be wiped out and 3. Wake up and smell the Coffee leaders of the world, Petroleum is a thing of the past!!! Invest OUR tax money in sustainable energies and stop waisting every human beings existence with petroleum. That’s the right direction if you can see past your own pocketbook/purse which, by the way you can’t take with you from this world anyway.

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