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Interview with ‘Kid Massive’ one of the top 10 DJ’s in the world today

kid massive
kid massive
DJ Kid Massive!!!!!!!! A DJ who has some the best technical skills required by a DJ and was recently given the ultimate ranking of one of the top 10 DJ’s in the world. This was a great experience for the Phuketindex team to be allowed access to interviewed him. His invitation to come to Phuket was from Marc Antoine, General Manager of White Box Restaurant. He came to perform and to mix his style of music at the White Box Restaurant (the restaurant that DJs from all over the world usually come to mix their style of music). Let’s get to know him!!

Who is Kid Massive and why the name?

I use to play drum and bass a long time ago and I used the name DJ Massive. Everybody says I look younger than I am so I put the Kid in front of my original DJ name so we got DJ Kid Massive. I also think it helps me to appeal to the younger generation.

What is your style of music?

I play house music but different types. It all depends on what time of the night I play. If I play early I play deep house. If I play the main slot between 2a.m and 4a.m I play pumping house. If I play the last slot between 4a.m and 6a.m I play progressive house. I like to play for the ladies so it always has to be sexy and funky.

How did you become a DJ and how did you get involved?

I have always listened to and loved all genres of music whether it is Hip Hop or Classical and remember as a child in the 80’s listening to dance music on the radio and liking it a lot. I then started buying 1 or 2 records. My friend then told me he had a pair of decks and a mixer he didn’t want and asked me if I wanted to buy them, which I did. I then started to buy more and more records and started to get into DJing.

Do you have an idol?

No I cannot say I have an idol. I don’t idolise people I respect and admire some people. Perhaps I am inspired by people if they are successful. I don’t want to be anyone else like an idol, I want to be myself.

You have travelled a lot for your job, where is your favourite place and venue to DJ?

I have travelled a lot, I was in Russia 2 weeks ago I’m going to Holland next week, then the UK, then Ireland, then back to Russia then back here to Thailand in January 2011. To give a favourite venue is hard as they are all different styles. I can play anywhere and like it but it depends on whether the people like the music. I can play a small club and really feel it because the crowd loves it or I can play to a massive festival and not like it because the crowd is not feeling it. Thailand is a good place to play because it’s on the beach; there is a nice breeze and good Thai people and nice food.

Do you have a favourite single and album?

That’s a hard one; I really don’t know there are too many singles I like. Possibly my favourite album is a French movie soundtrack from a movie called Emily it’s not House music but it’s very nice music. It is beautiful. Then I like Coldplay, Basement Jaxx and The Prodigy. I have too many favourite songs I cannot say. It also depends on my mood, if I’m happy I like something uplifting but if I’m a bit down I like something a bit more chilled and mellow.

What does music mean to you?

Music to me is everything, it is my life, it’s what I choose to do as a career and I enjoy doing it. I get to travel and stay in nice places and its good because people actually come to see me and listen to my music. You have to be happy with what you do. You can be a street cleaner and still be happy. If you love your job you can be happy. I don’t class Djing as a job, to me it’s a hobby.

kid massive

Does DJing at a club that is number 16 in the DJ Magazine top 100 change your life?

Yes it does, it makes people notice me more and a lot more people now contact me. I am also more popular and the club is very well known.

Any advice for those wanting to become a DJ?

Yes for sure, you have to know why you want to do it. Don’t want to do it for the money or the fame, do it for the love of music. If you do it because you think people want you to you won’t make it. Also you have to be personal in your style. Do not try to copy or be another DJ because it’s not original and to be big you have to be original. Also you have to make the music yourself. You can always be a small time DJ but if you want to go to the next level you have to be making and selling the music yourself.

How are you finding Phuket?

I have not seen too much of Phuket. What I have seen has been beautiful, I went to the market and had a massage which was great. Everybody is friendly and very smiley I will see more next time I come.

How are you finding the Kamala Regent?

It’s very nice I have a penthouse; I have pool, 3 bedrooms. It’s amazing and very cool.

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